Libya is the 4th largest country in Africa with an area of 679,362 sq.m. It has 3 historic regions: Tripolitania, Fezzan, and Cyrenaica and in 1935 the three regions joined. The Sahara desert makes up 90% of its land. Some of its land-forms are beaches, deserts, oases, rocky hills, and mountains. It has no permanent rivers, but only wadis which are dry riverbeds that have water in the rainy season. The coast has warm summers and mild winters.

Libya is a land of stark contrasts offering visitors an opportunity to view majestic ruins, 5 UNESCO world heritage sites, medina’s and souks, oasis, colorful mosaics and beautiful plains. The coastline is 2000 km long with the valleys of Jabel Nafusa and Jabal Akhdar (Green Mountains)offering stunning clifftop views, forests of orange and olive trees. For lovers of the desert, the Acacus region of the Libyan Sahara offers an unassailable attraction with its wild, spectacular scenery and prehistoric cave paintings. If you enjoy 4-wheel drive desert travel, this is a region you should not miss. For those interested in World War II history, Tobruk offers visits to Rommel’s headquarters and the Allied and German war cemeteries.