Port of Tobruk

Port of Tobruk is a port located at Tobruk, Libya. Opened in 1986, it is located near the Egyptian border, about 450 km east of Benghazi. Tobruk city has a population of about 120,000. Port of Tobruk has a strong, naturally protected deep harbour.

The city of Tobruk had become an Italian military post, during World War II. At the beginning of World War II, Libya was an Italian colony and Tobruk became the site of important battles between the Allies and Axis powers. Tobruk was strategically important to the conquest of Eastern Libya, then the province of Cyrenaica. Allied forces, mainly the Australian 6th Division, took Tobruk on 22 January 1941. Because it is approximately 150 km (93 mi) away from Egypt by land, Tobruk is also an important hub for merchants from both Egypt and Libya, and for travellers between the two countries as well as those from Bayda and Derna.

Distances from Port of Tobruk

Tripoli ± 1300 KM
Benghazi ± 465KM
Benghazi International Airport ± 465KM
Cyrene ± 265km
Ajdabia ± 400KM
Apollonia ± 240km
Tobruk ± 2km
Al Burdi ± 140km
Kufra ± 1265km
Jaghbub ± 285km
Egypt border ± 158km

Excursion programs from Tobruk Port

1 day is also an option

Day 1Tobruk World War Two tours
Day 2Cyrene

Excursion options from Port of Tubruq