Port of Tripoli

Port of Tripoli is the principal sea port in Libya, and one of the oldest ports in the Mediterranean.  About 600 vessels visit the port each year.  Tripoli is also the largest city of Libya with approximately a population of 2.2 million people. The city is located in the north-western part of Libya.Tripoli was founded in the 7th century BC by the Phoenicians, who named it Oea. Due to the city’s long history, there are many sites of archaeological significance in Tripoli.  The old medina is extremely well preserved. It has narrow whitewashed streets and old souks with diversified arts, crafts, fabrics and jewelry for sale. The architecture is attractive and also to be admired. The principal entrance is on Martyrs’ Square leading to the 19th century Ottoman clock tower and various souks.

Tripoli port is an excellent stop for cruise ships because its located very close to some of Libya’s most interesting sights.  It’s also a possibility to combine Tunisia, because its located at driving distance.

Distances from Tripoli port

Tripoli old city ± 1 km
Tripoli airport ±27 km
Leptis Magna ±120 km
Al Khums ± 115 km
Misrata ± 206 km
Sabrata ± 80 km
Gharyan ± 105 km
Nalut ± 277 km
Tormisa± 190 km
Kabaw ± 258 km
Ghadames ± 611 km
Djerba ± 310 km

Excursion programs from Tripoli Port

1 day is also an option

Day 1Leptis Magna
Day 2Tripoli Old city & National Museam of Libya
Day 3Sabratha
Day 4South of Tunisia