Port of Al Khums

Port of Al Khums is located about 120km east of the capital Tripoli, and with approximately a population of 200.00 people. The city has Phoenician and Roman roots and became the capital of the Roman province of Africa in the reign of Emperor Septimius Severus. Nowadays tourism is an important industry here with the famous Roman city of Leptis Magna 3 km east of the town. These magnificent ruins have deservedly earned a reputation of having the most complete and impressive Roman ruins in the whole of North Africa. The port is located 1km from the centre of Al Khums.

Distances from Al Khums Port

Tripoli is about ±118 KM
Tripoli old city ±120 KM
Tripoli airport ±146 KM
Leptis Magna ±9 KM
Al Khums center ±5 KM
Misrata ±98 KM
Sabratha ±185 KM
Gharyan ±210 KM
Nalut ±365 KM
Tormisa ±295 KM
Kabaw ±350 KM
Ghadames ±685 KM
Djerba ±415 KM

Excursion programs from Al Khums Port

1 day is also an option

Day 1Leptis Magna
Day 2National Museam of Libya
Day 3Sabratha