Port of Misrata

With a population of just over 281,000, the Port of Misrata is the third largest city in Libya, after Tripoli and Benghazi. It is the capital city of the Misrata. District and has been called the business capital of Libya. The harbor is located in the Qasr Ahmad neighbourhood and its about 10 kilometres away from the city centre of Misrata and about 240km away from Tripoli. About 200 vessels visit annually the port of Misrata each year.

Misrata Free Zone

It’s a zone free of any restrictions such as tax, custom duties, commercial and monetary restrictions. The free zone is established in order to vary and support the national income sources by attracting local and foreign investments. The zone extends to 3539 hectares, including Misrata seaport with a capability of expansion in the southern side up to more than 2000 hectares.

Distances from Misrata port

Tripoli ± 225 KM
Tripoli old city ± 227KM
Tripoli airport ± 253 KM
Leptis Magna ± 104 KM
Al Khums ± 109 KM
Misrata ± 15 KM
Sabrata ± 295 KM
Gharyan ± 295 KM
Nalut ± 475 KM
Tormisa ± 390 KM
Kabaw ± 455 KM
Ghadames ± 810 KM
Djerba ± 525 KM

Excursion programs from Misrata Port

1 day is also an option

Day 1Leptis Magna
Day 2Tripoli old city & National Museam of Libya
Day 3Sabratha

Excursion options from Tripoli port