Janzour is one of the most beautiful cities on the shores of the Mediterranean. The small town is located 13km west of Tripoli. It’s perfect suited as a stop en route to Sabratha. Janzour has long, clean beaches with palm trees along the coastal areas, this makes it a beautiful resort town. The markets and souvenir shops are available in so many places filled with beautiful costume and handmade merchandises. Inland there’re are colorful farms, with trees consists of olives, figs, oranges, lemons, apples, palms, grape vines and there’re fields of flowers of all colors and types.

Janzour Punic Tomb Museum
The tomb is located on the lower floor of the museum and forms it’s lower part. It is in fact the most interesting tomb discovered in the region up to now, because the walls are coated with a white overlay bearing beautiful paintings. This tomb was discovered at the beginning of 1959. It resembles other Punic tombs in the region and it was excavated in a rocky layer area beneath the surface of the ground, it has a staircase leads to an open east to west courtyard.
The burial is in a square room located by the courtyard western wall, it measures 2,5 meter long by 2,10 meter wide. It’s overlaid with white gypsum design. The tomb is full of nice vivid and rich paintings. There are lower and upper walls. The lower walls contains forest paintings of wild animals chasing one another. The upper walls have paintings of a farm and women surrounded by slaves.