National museum Libya

National Museum Libya is one of the most prominent places in the city of Tripoli. It’s appearance and display makes it one of the greatest monuments in North Africa. National Museum Libya has 47 galleries and 4 floors which is a remarkable attribute of this museum. This museum can either be a rapid run-through or a pleasurable trip. The floor level of this museum displays a swift voyage through numerous periods. One can notice the chronological events from 300,000 years ago up till now. This museum possesses beautiful rock sculptures and earthen wares up to 1000 years old and these sculptures belong to primitive time.

The Roman gallery of this museum is perhaps one of the most interesting galleries. This gallery is subjugated by stupendous status and much of the material of this site has been taken from Leptis Magna. The first floor of this museum represents the conversion from Romans through Christianity. The second floor of this museum displays Islamic ethnicity and third floor is also prominent for some reasons. The third floor of this museum is quite distinguished for showing daily chores. The fourth floor of this museum is illustrious for displaying Libyan chronology. The last 9 galleries of this museum are committed to natural history and show the indescribable animal life of Libya.