Ubari Lakes

The current Ubari Lakes are a group of about 20 lakes set amidst the landscape of towering dunes and palm fringed oases of the Ubari Sand Sea. To reach these Ubari lakes tourists usually drive from Sabha to Tkerkiba where an excellent camping site is used as the base to explore the Ubari lakes as well as Wadi Matkhandouch. Lake Gaberoun is one of the largest and most beautiful lakes of the great sand sea of Ubari beautifully set amidst the magnificent sand dunes with palm trees on one side and the ruins of the old village on the other. Most of the lakes of the Libyan interior are highly carbonated enabling swimmers to easily float without exerting any effort. The content of salt is rather high nearly five times saltier than seawater. Some of the lakes are home for a harmless tiny red shrimp that thrive in the shallow waters of the lake.